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The UoD is committed to providing quality education to the public and private sectors in addition to conducting value added academic research. Well aware of its singular mission in society, the UoD concentrates on successfully accomplishing its purpose. The university seeks to equip its students with the skills and capacities required.
UoD has 17 colleges with 75 Departments, 17520 undergraduate students, 1420 academic staff and 1959 administration staff.
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This course provides students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for using technology to enhance teaching and learning, especially in higher education. Also, it aims to help students refine, redefine, and reshape their perspectives and views of technology as they relate to their future career, society, teaching, learning, and increase the basic awareness of technology concepts and to provide experiences that facilitate individual thinking. Overall, this course can show students a variety of educational technology that used to support the education system and Hands-on labs (e.g. Online Labs and Virtual Reality). Therefore, the students will engage in a wide range of activities and projects that are designed to create learning environments that span academic disciplines and address the needs of the diverse learners in today’s classrooms.

Therefore, the main objectives of the course are:

1- To give an overview of Educational Technology infield and help them to find or establish their skills.

2- To explore the potential of new technologies (e.g. Online labs and Virtual Reality) for teaching and learning.

3- To provide access to information and learning materials for anyone, anyplace.